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    Restaurant Orchard distinguishes itself by having a high “green, fair and local” content. The nature and origin of the organic ingredients are of great importance. Vegetables have long been playing a leading role in all Orchard dishes. Our students and cooking teachers work with vegetarian dishes as a starting point.

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    The Orchard team highly values creativity and is inspired by the developments in the range of new products and trends. The preparation and presentation are often just “a little different, but always at a high culinary level.
    The restaurant has a contemporary setting and offers a creative and well thought out combination of food and wines. Much attention is paid to the nature and origin of the organic ingredients, which give each dish its own story, which the students are happy to tell.

    Wine Menu
    We are proud of our wine menu, which includes organically or organic-dynamically produced wines as well as local wines.

    Orchard tries to be as sustainable as possible. Together with our students, we want to develop a responsible lifestyle in order to use raw materials more economically, smarter and therefore better. The pursuit of sustainability also extends much further than just our recipes: we use environmentally friendly materials that are recyclable or biodegradable, our lamps have been replaced with LED lighting, we cook electrically, we separate our waste and we avoid waste when possible. Every step, no matter how small, contributes to “doing good” for people and animals, for the environment and for society. With the new herb garden to be built – later to be part of the new view of Orchard – we want to go one step further.  In addition, we also get our suppliers and our guests involved in the implementation of our plans.

    Fast Service Lunch ‘De Gemberpot’ (Ginger Jar)
    Students who are following the Fast Service, Cook/Chef, Facilitary Services and Allround Hospitality courses of study provide a delicious lunch on Monday until Friday. Three courses, offered for an attractive price, served in our ‘pop-up restaurant’ De Gemberpot (Ginger Jar).