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  • Cooporation and partners – H&FD

    Cooporation and partners – H&FD

    The cooperation and exchange with various partners contribute in many way to the possibilities and quality of our courses of study.  The good relationship with an extensive network of renowned internship companies guarantees high-quality internships, during which the senior students are given the opportunity to further develop their skills in a challenging professional context.

    Some examples of internship companies that we have worked with for many years are:

    – ADO Den Haag
    – The Mauritshuis Museum
    – Stichting Noordzeevis (North Sea Fish Foundation) –  Scheveningen
    – Jeunes Restaurateurs
    – Koppert Cress
    – Villa Ockenburgh

    There are also connecting learning pathways with VMBO-education, including with the following schools:
    – François Vatelschool (cooperation contract)
    – Yuverta (formerly Wellant College)