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    This is Invitez

    The name of the centre, Invitez – The Hague Hospitality Experience Centre, is both an invitation and an ambition at the same time. ROC Mondriaan wants to bring the outside world in, wants to explore new trends and wants to experiment with new products and techniques. This is all about learning, developing new knowledge and sharing that knowledge. Guests, clients, teachers, alumni, students and professionals from various discipline all together give shape to the “experience” of Invitez. This is for our students, for each other, and for anyone with an interest in the hospitality industry.

    Invitez is therefore a setting with very special dynamics. Be inspired and help us to inspire our students.

    Since the start of Invitez in 2016, the restaurants Classique, Imagine and Orchard, as well as the New Mondrian Hotel, have built up a large circle of regular guests. There is also extensive use made of our range of meeting facilities for meetings, courses or private dining.

    Restaurants, bar, hotel, banqueting
    Each Invitez restaurant has its own character, with its own menu and its own approach.

    The lunches and dinners in the restaurants are provided by the students and teachers from the International Hotel and Management School (IHMS) or from the School for Hospitality and Facility Services.

    The schools and the students change restaurants from time to time so that the students can gain experience in different types of restaurants and thus be even better prepared for professional practice.

    For more information about the restaurants, hotel, bar and meeting facilities and event organisation, see:

    Inspiration Engine

    The core business of Invitez is experience. The impressions, stories, learning moments and knowledge that guests, students, teachers and professionals share here make Invitez a great ‘inspiration engine.’ It is our daily mission to fuel this engine and to strengthen the effect of the ‘inspiration engine.’

    In order to remain relevant in the constantly changing field of the hospitality industry, the hospitality courses of study and Invitez are also constantly evolving.  It is the task of the schools to train the students for the professional practice of the future. That is why new developments are not only given a place in the theoretical curriculum, but also implemented in the practicals; sometimes they are tried out as an experiment or as a temporary structure, but also, for example, they might be introduced as a completely new restaurant format.

    For example, Invitez  and the restaurants were made “corona-smart” in September 2020, when the Invitez Streetwise Food Truck – with its various mobile concepts – was added to the offers at Invitez and when The Queen’s Express experienced a metamorphosis.

    Club of Positive Sustainability Thinkers
    Green, sustainable, circular; whatever you want to call it, we all need to be kinder, more economical and smarter with our planet.  The hospitality sector can make a significant contribution to this process and that is why Invitez wants to play a pioneering role by establishing the Club of Positive Sustainability Thinkers. The Club, composed of all levels – from students to a member of the Executive Board – jointly devises very practical solutions. For example, concrete improvements were quickly achieved with often simple solutions. This initiative has been so successful that it is now being implemented by other hotel and catering schools in the country.

    Invitez is partly the result of collaboration with numerous international hotel chains and social partners, including the European Association of Hotel Schools (AEHT), EUHOFA International, the Koninklijke Horeca Nederland in The Hague, Hotelschool The Hague, municipality of The Hague and ADO The Hague.