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    Education International Hotel and Management School (IHMS)

    At the International Hotel and Management School, the emphasis is on the level 4 courses in hotel and restaurant management and entrepreneurship. With over 1,000 students and more than 100 teachers, the IHMS is a fairly large school. It is also a school with a distinctly international character, which is reflected in, among other things, international internships and in students and teachers with an international background. In addition to the Dutch language course of study, the school also offers fully English language courses of study as well as bi-lingual courses.

    The International Hotel and Management School of ROC Mondriaan (IHMS) has grown, in the more than 40 years of its existence, into a leading vocational training for the hospitality industry, especially for the hotel industry. The diplomas guarantee a successful continuation, even after the temporary setback of the Covid-19 crisis. This applies not only to the high percentage of students who continue their studies with a higher professional education programme (HBO), but also to those who want to start working in professional practice immediately after their graduation. The specific skills and professional attitude of our graduates are sought after in more and more sectors. You will find more information about the various training courses and the career prospects below.

    While the IHMS has grown in recent years to more than a thousand students and more than one hundred teachers and staff members, the old-fashioned friendly atmosphere still prevails in and around the school. Every student knows that he/she counts and every student is treated with respect.

    The challenging educational programme and the excellent reputation of the courses of study in the professional field are partly the result of our continuous pursuit of the best possible learning conditions and of development opportunities for our students. Of the many aspects that influence the successful course of a study, developing sufficient autonomous motivation in the student is perhaps the most important. A pleasant school building and the excellent practical facilities at Invitez are just one of the conditions for this. Only with a good interaction of all facets does a study programme become a real “inspiration engine”. More information about this is provided below.

    National quality standards apply to all MBO schools and these are regularly checked by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. At the IHMS, we attach more than average importance to quality management and to transparency.  We can only grow as an organization by being open to feedback and that is why we participate – without reserve –  in various internal and external “audits” and we ensure that advisory boards of entrepreneurs, students and parents regularly monitor developments with us. More information about this is provided below.

    Over the years, thousands of IHMS students have successfully completed their education and have found their way within and outside the hospitality industry, at home and abroad. Many of them still maintain contact with each other and with their former teachers and they stay in touch through the school’s successful Alumni Platform. Alumni also give a lot back to their old school in the form of internship opportunities and also through substantive educational contributions. More information about the IHMS alumni network can be found below.

    Cooperation and exchange with various partners is of great importance for the realisation of high-quality vocational education. The IHMS has an extensive network of excellent internship companies at home and abroad. The school is also represented in numerous organisations, with close ties to the hotel industry, the culinary world and to our partners in food and beverages. More information about this can be found below.