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  • Courses of study, Expectations and Perspectives – IHMS

    Courses of study, Expectations and Perspectives – IHMS

    The IHMS offers courses of study for managers and entrepreneurs at MBO Level 4. These vocational courses of study for hospitality have a great attraction for young people and their parents. We think that is totally justified because the vast majority of students feel right at home at the school and in the world of hospitality. The strong emphasis on practicals, the collaboration of working in a team and the stories of the role models from the hospitality industry are inspiring for many. However, there is also a “but”, because not everyone who registers as a first-year student successfully completes the relatively demanding courses. During the first year, in particular, it often appears that some students have not sufficiently realized that there is a strong demand for motivation and by choosing a hospitality course of study, there are often long hours in the evenings and in the weekends during the practicals and during the internships, as well as during major events. In short, the practicals are a realistic reflection of the hospitality industry and the bar is thus set quite high. In particular, the four-year course of study Hospitality Manager/Entrepreneur, in terms of difficulty, is actually an MBO-plus course of study.

    This course of study is offered in three language variants: Dutch, English and bilingual. The bilingual variant of the Hospitality Manager/Entrepreneur programme has been certified by the Nuffic (Netherlands Universities Foundation for International Cooperation).

    Course of Study: Manager / Entrepreneur (hotel) – “International Stream” – level 4, four years
    This course of study is aimed towards those who aspire to a career as a manager in  the international hospitality / hotel world. The emphasis is on a future as a manager / entrepreneur. In addition to management courses, the commercial, financial and operational sides of entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, personnel policy, production and distribution are also extensively covered. In order to become a good manager in the hospitality industry, the acquisition of practical skills such as cooking and serving are also part of the course of study. The first realistic practical experience is gained in Invitez, the Hague Hospitality Experience Centre, with practical lessons in one of the restaurants, in the school’s own hotel, the Purchasing Department, the Front Office, and the Banqueting & Events department.

    Participation in events is also part of the course of study.

    The practical training is completed with a longer period of internships, of which 20 weeks are spent abroad. The school works together with hotels in Europe, in the United States, in Canada, in Australia, in the Caribbean and even in China.

    Experience in the hospitality industry is preferred.

    In addition to this course of study, the IHMS provides the following Dutch-language courses of study.

    Course of Study: Management International Hospitality – level 4, three years
    This course of study can also be followed at the School for Tourism and Recreation at ROC Mondriaan.

    Course of Study: Manager/Entrepreneur Restaurant Café Bar (MHO) level 4, three years

    This course of study is aimed at those who want to work as manager in a small-scale catering business, a restaurant, café or bar.

    Fast Track Course of Study: Manager / Entrepreneur (Hotel) for HAVO graduates – level 4, two years 

    Especially for students with a HAVO diploma, the IHMS offers a Fast Track two-year course of study in Hospitality Manager / Entrepreneur. This is an ideal course to follow before proceeding to a higher level of education (HBO).

    For more information about the courses of study at the IHMS, please call this number 088-6663301 or send a message to this e-mail address: