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  • Courses of study, expectations and perspectives – H&FD

    Courses of study, expectations and perspectives – H&FD

    Education at H&FD is varied and professionally oriented. Work is done in small groups and there is a lot of individual attention for the students.
    Thanks to the small-scale design of the school building, students do not get lost in anonymity; we know our students and our students know us. This enables good, individual and professional guidance in the learning process in the building. There is also thorough and solid help given to students when they are looking for an internship or workplace.

    In our extensive range of courses of study, much attention is paid to practical education. The theory lessons are linked to the profession as much as possible. There is a theme week twice per academic year, in the fall and in the spring.

    Courses of Study Hospitality (HORECA)
    The school in Invitez has beautiful restaurants and excellent equipped instruction rooms.
    Our team of well trained teachers have a lot of hospitality experience; some of them are still working in the sector. Thanks in part to the connections to the business community, H&FD is the ideal school to follow for training for this vibrant sector.
    The students get practical experience early in their course of study. Only after four weeks, they go on an internship for two days a week. The workshops that are given at school in collaboration with the hospitality-business life strengthen the interaction.

    Starting in the 2021-2022 school year, practical training will also be provided for students who are following the Dutch BBL trajectory. 

    Courses of Study for Facility Services

    The Facility Services courses of study are broad in scope, which means that the chances of finding work are good. Transitioning to higher educational levels is also possible. Many of the students who graduate at level 4 continue on to higher professional education (HBO).